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Why Many People Fail at Dieting?

October 24, 2009

Why do people fail at dieting? Why do so many try the many types of diets on the market and still fail? Well, every year, millions of people start on a diet of some sort, and each year millions fail after a short effort. This article will explore some of those reasons.

Reason 1# No Diet Plan
One day you are with your friend and are walking along in the local mall, and you both go to the ice cream counter and have a double fudge brownie with two scoops of chocolate ice cream. Later one, you realize what you did and you say to yourself, "Oh! I blew my diet. I guess there is no reason for me to continue." And the next thing you do, you are back to your old eating habits and gaining weight.

If you have suffered like this, there is hope. You need to stick a diet plan do some extra exercise. There is no need to give up.

Reason 2# Emotional Eating
When you have a bad day, you might go home and have a sweet dessert or similar food (Some people do this when they are upset). They find that certain foods make them relax and be more comfortable, but the problem is that if you continue doing this each time when you are upset, you will probably gain weight.

Instead of resort to eating whenever you are stressed out, go to the gym, take a long brisk walk, or do some laps in the pool. Exercise is a great stress reliever!

Reason 3# Expect the Instant Result
For many people, when they first go on a diet, they fully expect to see results quickly. And when that does not happen, they say, "This isn't working. Why should I continue?" And you are back to your old eating habits again. And this is biggest reason why people fail at dieting.

One attitude you should bring to the table here is that when you go on a diet, it is for the rest of your life. There is no timetable here. You are going to modify your daily eating habits for life. You have to commit to this in order for any diet to work.


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