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Secret of Skipping Meals

October 30, 2009

If you ask the people about diet, they will give you simple answer:
“Eat less, do more physical activities”, which means starving or skipping meals.

I have come to find that skipping meals to lose weight is a method that a lot of people are turning to these days. But what they don't know is that this really is not effective and unhealthy.

You will not able to lose weight if you don't eat right! Eating regular meals is important for your body and it is just a matter of what you are eating. The purpose of this article is to educate others on starving yourself and save you the trouble of trying this ineffective method.

Breakfast is the most important meal because if you skip this meal your metabolic rate can from up to 15% right there. Then for the rest of the day your body is storing the fat and burning the muscle instead. You should not stop eating to lose weight, you should be eating at least 3 healthy meals a day but ideally 5-6 small meals. By eating 5-6 small meals per day you are keeping your metabolism running constantly.

Skipping meals not only just slow down your metabolism, but also puts your body into something I like to call "survival mode" This is when you have forced yourself to stop eating for a little while and then suddenly you feel this burst of hunger. This can get so bad that you feel like eating everything you see. Instead of eating two slices of pizza you end up eating the entire tray. It can get really beyond control when you stop eating to lose weight because you forced out gaining twice as much weight as you normally would.

So now you see that skipping meals will not help you at all. It is best not to stop eating to lose weight but instead use other methods like eating healthy foods. If you have read this article you will be a step ahead and hopefully save yourself the trouble.


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