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3 Tips to Speed Up your Metabolism

October 4, 2009

speed up your metabolismSlow metabolism are often to blame for obesity. Yup, the main culprit behind obesity is our metabolic process. Metabolism is defined as the rate in which our body burns energy. As we age, our bodies slow and our metabolic rate drops dramatically. This is not a sealed fate, however. But there are ways to speed up metabolism that can help in weight loss. Here, another tips to speed up your metabolism:

1. Avoid cutting excess calories. The best ways to speed up metabolism is to provide you’re your body needs, enough energy for our body. If you drastically cut your calories intake are actually stalling your metabolism as the body, protecting itself from starving, slows its natural processes in order to hoard energy. The ideal amount of calories to consume can easily be calculated by multiplying your weight times 11. For example, if your current weight is 120 pounds, your goal should be to consume around 1,320 calories daily. These calories should be in the form of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy and small amounts of essential fats.

2. Smart exercise. However, exercise is vital when working to speed up metabolism. One reason is that muscle burns more calories than fat does. You don't need to spend an hour straight working out; it is actually more beneficial to break up workouts into two or three smaller sessions. Integrate high interval training into your workouts; short, furious bursts of 6-8 seconds of biking or running followed by 10-12 seconds at your regular pace burns calories fast. Weight lifting is also a key component to speed up metabolism, as it remains revved for up to two hours after a workout.

3. Don't skimp on sleep. Good sleeping habits of 7-8 hours of shut-eye each night helps keep your body's engine stoked. Skimping on sleep leaves you tired, with deficient energy for your body to function. There are several methods of attaining relaxing sleep; meditation, reading a book or taking a warm bath before going to bed helps your body and mind relax and prepare for sleep.

Following these tips will help not only help you to speed up metabolism, but will enable you to safely start out to lose 1 to 2 pounds every week.


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