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How to Set a Goal for Permanent Weight Loss

October 9, 2009

It’s very important to have a goal in your life. It can be reach your dream, same like a weight loss. You need a weight loss goal to help you. Then you can start to design your strategy in losing weight. And here step by step to make a clearly goal for permanent weight loss:

1. Set a clearly goals! Have you said your goal clearly? Your subconscious reaction to the qualitative.

2. The clearly goal means the exact time and date when you can reach your goal. Please start to write down it.

3. For the example, I would like to start a small goal to lose five pounds in the next month, which set a target date for achieving this goal.

4. Please consult your goal, not to other people or your dietitian, but to yourself positively.

5. One concentrating on one specific issue at once.

6. To initiate action as that already achieved your goals.

7. Can it help you to maintain a positive attitude, I can do this yourself, please tell us.

8. Reward yourself, but don’t cheating. For the example, once you can reach your goal, you can cut hair, manicure, lose yourself properly reward or other indulgence without a bubble bath.


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