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Boost your Metabolism – part two

October 29, 2009

boost your metabolismContinuing my previous post about boost your metabolism, there are important factor keeping your metabolism active and work in the highest level that certainly help to keep the weight off.

It’s about the foods, keep the total calories constant. The best approach for weight loss is to slowly reduce the total number of calories that we consume each day. If we go a step further and split the total number of calories into more meals then we will also keep our metabolisms running at a higher tempo. This can offset the slowing metabolism and greatly improve the ability to keep it off. It is too easy to jump on the starvation wagon during a diet. Instead of starving the body, keep it going with frequent smaller meals.

Adding a snack in between your regular meals will help a lot. Keep it around 200-300 calories and try not to exceed your daily calorie target.

Not all food helping us keep our metabolism charged and the fat off. Many of you may have heard about the supermodels and celebrities using red pepper, green tea, coffee, and the latest fat loss food craze to guarantee success. The metabolism is increased after a meal for about an hour. Although some of these foods might have other beneficial effects, the effect on metabolism is small to insignificant. Enjoy these foods for what they naturally provide and not for the metabolic benefits.

Don’t forget to increase the amount of protein. Protein requires about twenty-five percent more energy to break down and assimilate. So instead of reaching for just any old snack, making it a high protein snack will have a slightly better overall effect on metabolism. I know it is not always easy to find good, healthy, and tasty protein alternatives. To tell you the truth, most protein bars and snacks are downright disgusting. Focus on healthy natural ingredients that you can find in the fresh food section at the local store.

Having a high metabolism is not going to magically melt away the fat. Your goal is to have a higher metabolism at a specific weight so that it becomes easier to lose and keep unwanted fat off. It can be accomplished by making a few choices:
• Keep active (exercise)
• Build muscles
• Eat smaller meals more often
• Snack on high protein foods

Remember that your metabolism will try to maintain the energy equilibrium. Your body is going to protect itself, but the right choices will help you to outsmart a slowing metabolism and keep the fat off rather than continuing the yo-yo diet phenomena.


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