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Quick Weight Loss Tips for Women

October 16, 2009

quick weight loss tips for womenQuick weight loss tips for women must include the realistic or achievable weight loss goals!

Well, you can see many advertising about reducing pounds of weight in one single week. There are many people fall for them, but I hope you don’t. If you want to lose 20 pounds in 2-3 weeks, you should stop this moment - go to the kitchen and splash some ice cold water on your face and wake up and smell coffee woman.

It is not realistic to achieve, and the worst, it is not healthy to follow a type of extreme diet to achieve a permanent body weight loss! It is not that you can’t lose weight quickly, but you need to do it correctly.

There is no need to do the extreme or crash diet, especially if you are a woman and would like to reach your goal in relatively simple ways. The simple way of reducing weight is the combination of exercise and diet. Ok, ok, I’m sure you have heard it hundred times and you come here to find another quickly weight loss tips, right? However, you need to make a right and specific diet plan and stick it!

Here are 2 quick weight loss tips for women:

- Performing high metabolic exercises a couple of times a week!
If you want to exercise your legs for that particular day, then think of designing 3 to 4 exercises that will train your lower body, such as, jump rope, walking lunges, short running, and a few type of abs exercise.

- Find what will work for you!
Depend on how sensitive your body is to carbohydrates, you need to do price control by lowering your intake methodically and observe. What is your set point that works for you in terms of losing weight?


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