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Save your Money to Permanent Weight Loss

October 17, 2009

permanent weight lossThe permanent weight loss is the simple and very basic thing. Yup, and save your money in the process, because your diet starts at the store. Were you ever taught how to shop for food? Probably not. The grocery store can destroy your diet. First you need to check the layout of the store - where everything is. Leave the produce for last, so it will be as fresh as you can get it.

The fact is: 70% of the products are there just to take your money

Notice how many rows they have of soda, cereal, and snacks. Look what they've done to the potato - instant potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, tater tots, shoestring, chips, twice baked. Notice the shelves along the aisles. Everything is conveniently displayed close to your reach--a ploy by the store to buy those products. On the lower shelves are products aimed at kids. Look lower or higher, and you will find the same products - for less. If nature didn't make it, you don't need it. Stay away from processed and imitation foods. Try to stay away from canned food (you never know what's in the can). Stick with the fresh & frozen foods.

Also you need to check out the packages. That box or package may not be full.
1. Solids are measured by weight - ounces, pounds.
2. Liquids are measured by volume - gallon, quart, pint
3. Price - 5% of the price for the product is for the product it itself. 95% of the price is for; packaging, manufacturing, transportation, middlemen, salaries, insurance, utilities, etc.
Let's say a gallon of milk cost $2.00. The milk is 10 cents, the rest is $1.90.

According to the FDA, labels must be specific and truthful. If the label says "Kraft Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food" - it is not cheese. If it says "Breakfast Orange Drink" - it is not juice. Check out the nutritional values, particularly fat---stay away from saturated fat. INGREDIENTS must be listed in dominance order. If sugar or water is listed first, it is mostly sugar or water. The last ingredient is least significant. Anything after salt is of little use. Do you know what those ingredients are? Can you pronounce them? Do you want to feed this to your family?

Don’t forget about the exercise. Add exercise to your lifestyle. Do something every day, you can try walking, climbing stairs, playing with the kids. A good exercise program should include aerobics (running, swimming, jump rope, fast dancing), endurance (working with weights), and flexibility (calisthenics, yoga). Your body was meant to be used, not abused. You deserve it.


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