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Calories Shifting

October 19, 2009

calories shiftingThere are so many diet programs today. It's very easy to get confused and not able to make a right choice. But the question still remains - What's the best way to eat when trying to lose weight?

In my opinion, the answer is calories shifting (also known as calories cycling and zigzag diet).

The reason is because calories shifting are the basic of weight loss, it’s natural and healthy way of losing weight. No pills, no patches, no restriction of food groups, and no gaining the weight back as soon as once stops this way of eating. All that one does with shifting calories is vary the amount of calories that they eat on a daily basis. This is very basic and simple enough, right?

Calories shifting will help you to speed up your metabolism and burning more calories and fat. The thing which makes other diets fail is that the initial weight loss causes your metabolism to slow down. This happens because most diets are based on deprivation, either of calories or a specific food group such as carbs or fat. This deprivation made your metabolism to feel think that it needs to start conserving calories and fat and so it slows down. That's why most diets see a rapidly slowing rate of weight loss. And once you stop following the diet, your metabolism is so slow that you gain weight back at a quick pace.

Calories shifting keeps your metabolism running high by not depriving your of any food group and by shifting what you eat constantly, so your metabolism never gets used to any routine. Because the metabolism remains running high, the weight loss is continuous and long term. It is based on a specialized menu which shifts what you eat and never starves you. You should follow the menu as close as possible for maximum results.

Because you get to eat balanced meals you never starve and so are better able to remain motivated for a long time. Many people have reported excellent results with this calories shifting. You should try it! Visit this website to learn more: Click here!


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