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Fat Burning Workout Plan

December 23, 2009

Fat Burning Workout Plan
When it comes to fat loss, gaining lean muscle and improving your fitness and health variety is your best path. Now I mentioned 4 different ways to exercise above do you know the combination and workouts you could put together?

Using variety will keep you motivated and focused on getting to your fitness and fat burning goals. If you keep challenging yourself with new and different workouts you will start to look forward to them. Especially once you start seeing the rewards in the mirror.

I don't want it to sound like I just jump into a workout not knowing what I'll do that day. I do have it planned ahead of time but I will deviate from the plan also. So, at first, set a plan! You do need to plan this ahead on at least a weekly basis.

Commit to Weight training Monday and Thursday use total body exercises. As an example:
1. Deadlifts
2. Pushups
3. Clean and Press

Use heavy weights, keep your reps in the 4-8 range, 4-5 sets each (best for lean muscle gains and losing fat). Yes it is only 3 exercises but with these 3 exercises you have also worked virtually every muscle group, Workout with intensity, haphazard workouts give haphazard results.

Tuesday and Friday do some Kettlebell exercises - Use timed sets.
1. Kettlebell Swings
2. Kettlebell Snatch

Set a timer for let’s say 5 minutes. With timed sets every workout try to do more reps than the workout before. You don't need to do 10 more reps if you can't even 1 more than your last workout is progression.

Wednesday and Saturday could be Interval Training.
Do some bodyweight circuits, Jump Rope, go outside and do some sprint intervals.

This is just an example of how you could set up your exercise week. No you don't have to workout 6 days a week. You should set up your workout to your conditioning level. Keep your workouts short 45 minutes (for weight training) 20 minutes and under (for kettlebells and Intervals).

I guess in a round way what I'm saying is if you say to yourself I am weight training today but I really feel like doing Intervals than do Intervals that day. You are motivated to do intervals not weight train that day.


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