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Weight Loss Menu Planners

December 3, 2009

Weight Loss Menu PlannersFatLoss4Idiots offers an online weight loss menu planners which creates an 11days (4 meal per day) based on the foods you love. Eating 4 meals a day encourages your body to find a new "full-point", where your body acknowledges that you've eaten enough. And there are a few foods that FatLoss4Idiots menu planners suggest you eat to boost your metabolism. All of these foods provide a solid balance of Omega-3 fats and vital nutrients.

FatLoss4Idiots menu planners also offer psychological assistance for people who have a mental addiction to food, as well as calorie shifting to help with specific food cravings.

FatLoss4Idiots claims that you will be able to lose 9pounds in 11days. Of course, they exaggerate a little - but it can be done. Just follow these 5 simple steps, and you'll be able to double your chances to achieve your weight loss goals:

1. The FatLoss4Idiots weight loss menu planners will give you a lot of variety. My suggestion here is prepare your own food. If the menu planners tell you to eat lasagna, make it at home, don't use it as an excuse to go buy some chemical-laden boxed food or Pizza Hut garbage.

2. Don't forget to get an exercise. Even FatLoss4Idiots never suggest any exercise. But you should take a simple exercise, a short walk at the morning, it'll help you to your metabolism into high level, and make you weight loss journey even more effective!

3. Don't skip the "cheating" days! Again, metabolically speaking, those days when the menu planner tells you to relax and enjoy a small bowl of Yes Pecan from Ben and Jerry's, it's actually going to benefit your overall weight loss if you do so. Again, you will never lose more weight by staying on a super-strict diet than you will by following the menu planner's advice.

With the weight loss menu planners, you no longer have to count anything; not carbs, not calories, not grams of fat. You just tell the menu planners what you like and what you dislike. And it tells you when to eat it and how to eat it. Saves you time and lose weight quickly.

Article Source: FatLoss4Idiots


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