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Weight Loss Motivation

December 16, 2009

Weight Loss MotivationMotivation is not something we get "out there" somewhere it is something we bring to the surface from inside and this article shows you how to tap into it so you can use it to reach your weight loss goal. Go ahead and read on, it is time to put this problem behind you.

1. Your Reason
Find the reason why you want to lose weight. There are many reasons that you want to lose weight, such as want to look good, want to live healthy, etc. Write down the reasons in the piece of paper. Once you lack of motivation or lazy to do your exercises plan, read the paper!

2. It is better to move toward the good then to run away from the bad
Many people try to motivate themselves by telling themselves scary stories, for the example, "I am going to die early if I don't stop eating all this junk!" The researchers who study human behavior have found is that scare tactics do not work.

For true motivation focus on how great life will be when you lose the weight, what you will be able to wear, how you will feel and how easy it will be to move. You will naturally move toward your goal.

3. Cancel thoughts that block your desire. The mind has a tendency to want to stay the same and when you set out to change your body your mind will produce what seems like a flood of self-sabotaging thoughts. You must get very good at using one word, CANCEL. Every time you have a thought that leads you down a path of defeat say cancel so the thought cannot develop.


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