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DHA for Weight Loss

December 26, 2009

DHA for Weight Loss
Sea food is rich both in minerals and in the fat burning omega3 fatty acid, known as DHA. Such light sea food protein garnished with some valuable greens, is both delicious to eat and extremely nutritious. Sea food is also renowned for its zinc content which strengthens the immune system and boosts energy levels which is also important for losing weight.

While sea food is a great form of eating, there is one important drawback for this becoming a daily form of ritual. There are many health authorities who do warn against eating too much ocean food because of the risk posed by contaminants in today's seas.

Zinc along with some other types of omega fats can be gained from eating pumpkin seeds or paste. Organic powdered kelp would also be a great way to get a host of valuable minerals. But fish derived fatty acids are the real king for burning fat due to their DHA content.

One of the greatest problems with dieting is the inevitable blues and lowering of the mental mood, which comes with most dietary programs on implementation, after a short period of time. Omega3 fats are great mood regulators. Indeed they are often used to help those who suffer from extreme mood swings, because of their mood bracing capabilities. If it can work for bipolar disorders then you bet it has to give you the mental survival to succeed with your diet plans, as your body experiences inevitable changes.

Such highs provoked by exercising will also get the fat burning capabilities of our DHA fatty acid moving and burning those body layers. In the morning when you weigh yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised by the melt down.


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