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Say NO to Fad Diets that Burn Fat

December 6, 2009

Fad diets, most of them are in for a couple of years and they’re gone. Then they find they are way back just when the fitness professionals know we are ready to eat them up again. When you're trying to burn fat, you really should avoid these things.

Now, many of these diets will provide some initial fat loss for many people. So you get some weight loss initially, but you could also lose some muscle on these programs too, and you know that losing muscle can spell disaster to your fat burning efforts. The bigger problem with these diets is that most who follow outlandish diets gain back the fat they lost, and then some!

They often recommend focusing on one type of food, for the example, Low Fat Diet, Low Carbs Diet, High Protein Diet, etc. It will lead to unhealthy eating habits. They are too strict to be realistically followed, especially for a long term, and they’re no fun. And anything you can't follow as a lifestyle will not burn fat in the long run.

Diets are based in a temporary mindset. The fact that someone goes on a diet means they will have to come off of the diet. This is temporary…why force yourself to lose 10 pounds when you’re just going to gain it back? That may sound simple, but most people just don’t get it…they look to fad diets as the answer to their weight and health problems. However fad diets not the answer. It will create more problems for you.

If you seek lifelong fat burning, health and fitness in a lean body, you should take some advice from my mom! Even your mom is not the nutrient-expert, but for most part, your mom was right. She didn't know anything about fat burning, but she will make sure you will get nutritious foods growing up. She tried to provide a balanced offering of the different food groups throughout the day. Thanks, Mom!

As you can see, your body naturally craves foods rich in nutrients (antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.) When you eat most of your meals from foods rich in important nutrients, your body will body will be satisfied and overeating won’t be much of a problem.

Your metabolism start to burn fat as a natural result of giving your body what it thrives on. And it also lowering your risk for disease by promoting a natural alkaline environment in your body with these types of foods.

But, if you do the opposite and eat most of your meals from foods lacking in nutrients, you’ll keep eating and eating and eating to satisfy your nutrient needs. This leads to too many calories and a person who will just keep getting fatter and more prone to develop increased risk for disease with an acidic environment in the body. When this happens, you will gain a lot of pounds.

So nutrition for fat loss, fitness, and health really all do go hand in hand.


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