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Avoid Gaining Weight in the Holiday Season (Part 2)

December 28, 2009

Do not neglect your exercise routine during the holiday season. It is important that you keep exercising during the season, and you need a regular routine of both aerobics and strength training. This will at least keep your weight under control.

Try not to pile on the food on your plate on the first round, but instead take a small portion, chew your food properly, and eat slowly. This will prevent you from overeating.

The holiday season is not a license to eat more desserts! If you must have desserts, have a bowl of fruit or a fruit salad. Avoid desserts such as pies and ice streams and foods with high-fat and high sugar content that are highly refined, these foods tend to go directly to your bottom line.

A lot of people associate different sounds, such as music with eating, during the holiday season. It is amazing that we start to hear Christmas music playing on the radio and in the store's from as early as October. My suggestion is limit the playing of these music in your own home so early in the season. The holiday music, sights, and smells will trigger your subconscious to want to eat.

Do not to starve yourself! Denying yourself food will only increase your hunger intensity and this will force you to over eat when the food is finally presented to you. Try to stay on schedule and eat your meals as normal during the day. Have a healthy breakfast, moderate lunch, and a light dinner.

Gaining weight is a real risk during the holiday season. But you can easily avoid this trend, and not become a statistic by following these simple tips during the season.

Happy holidays


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