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Lose Weight for Wedding

December 15, 2009

Lose Weight for WeddingDo you would like to lose weight for wedding? Whether there are just 5 or 10 pounds, this article will help you to lose weight before your wedding. If you are like many people - you probably have promised yourself to look great on your wedding day.

Here the 3 Steps that will help you to lose weight for wedding:

1. Drink a plenty of water. Sounds simple, but it really helps to lose weight for wedding. Researches has shown that not so many people actually get this amount of water, so if you are one of them and your goal to lose weight for wedding is real, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will have a very positive effect on you and your body.

2. Change your eating habits. Eliminate junk foods from your menu! Promise yourself to avoid them just until your wedding. Also divide your three big meals into five meals but small portions. Eating small frequent meals will improve your metabolism and will have a great impact on your weight loss success. Try to eat small meals every three hours a day to maintain your weight.

3. Cut down sugar and salt. You also have to make some adjustments to your diet, to lose weight for wedding. If you are used to eat lots of carbohydrates, switch to a diet filled with protein as soon as possible. Cut down breads, cakes, pastas (some people also mention fruits, but they are usually not bad), and focus on egg whites, skinless chicken, turkey breast and fish.

The last for me:
Be patient and persistence. However, losing weight takes time, and if you do it right, you will lose weight for wedding.


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