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Avoid Gaining Weight in the Holiday Season (Part 1)

December 27, 2009

Holiday season is once again upon us, and we know that most people have a tendency to overeat, and over drink, and stuff themselves with whatever food passes by. It seems as if most people use this time of year to eating anything, and this can lead to serious consequences. Any weight loss that you had successfully achieved is brought to null.

So why not make an effort to practice moderation and, temperance for this holiday season. If you can have victory in over eating during this holiday season, then you will be mentally prepared to lose more weight after the season is over. Do not over eat and then say "My new year resolution is to lose weight in the new year." Now more people have an opportunity to gain more weight by taking part in all this extended holiday festivities that seems to go on and on.

The key here is moderation, eating and drinking in moderation. Since we have a very long holiday season nowadays, it is important that you DON’T buy the fattening, high-fat, high sugar foods and store them in your home. These foods will only increase your temptation to nibble here and there, and before you know it you have eaten over 50lbs of junk and fattening foods.

If you're having a dinner celebration with friends and family over, then tried to buy your food items closer to the time. This will prevent you from having all that food in the house for weeks before and eating continually.

Try to limit your festivities to 1 no more than two for the entire holiday season. Most people will tend to over eat if they have a big food preparation, and there is a lot left over. So if this happens encourage your friends and family to take the leftovers with them you do not need all that left over in the house.

I know the holiday season is a time for high sugar and high fat foods, but make an effort to shop more wisely. Stock up on fruits and vegetables, and use this as your base for whatever you are preparing.

Try to avoid animal products or at least reduce it significantly over the holiday season. There are many health alternatives to the foods we normally think we have to have during the holiday season. Just search on GOOGLE about vegetarian or vegan dishes and you will be amazed at how many great tasting foods that are readily available that won't get you fat.

If you must have a huge feast, then try as much as possible to prepare the food yourself. Use the wholesome, fresh fruits and vegetables during your food preparations. Avoid foods in cans or highly processed and refined foods as these foods are loaded with sugar and salt.

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