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Lose Fat Tummy

December 2, 2009

Are you always wondering how to lose fat tummy and get the slim belly? I am going to share inside this article how you can do it.

Eat an apple a day. This is very simple, right? You might be wondering why an apple a day will help you to lose fat tummy. Well, each apple contains about 5 grams of fiber and lots of water in it. If you eat an apple as a snack, you will easily fill up your tummy until the next meal. As a result, you end up cutting calorie intake in a safe way. Many people who cut down on their calorie intakes are doing it the wrong way and they end up screwing their metabolism and shutting it down.

It takes discipline for an individual to do this, but with perseverance you too can do it. You will see the scale slowly going down just a week after doing so.

The next part is about tummy workouts. You can actually achieve a beautiful waistline by hula-hoop. A weighted hula-hoop will help you to develop s much smaller waist while it maintains your curves. Weighted ones because it slowly rotates around your waist, allowing you to take control of it and go on with your endless twirling. This is as opposed to suing the regular hula-hoops that happens to fall on the ground easily.

You can do this simple tummy workout while watching your favorite TV show. Do it at least 10 minutes a day. After two to three weeks, you will start seeing its result.


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