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Eating Out on Diet

December 24, 2009

Eating Out on Diet
For those who are trying to lose weight, it can be a nightmare to be told that for a forthcoming special occasion. For the example, the guy you like wants to take you out to some beautiful little restaurant. Your immediate instincts tell you to scream 'no' citing calories as a reason.

Eating out on a diet can be fine and perfectly acceptable without completely damaging the hard work you have done so far. Try these tips:

1. Most restaurants have their entire menu online. If the one you are going to does not, call and ask them to fax it to you. Decide what you will have before you even get there and have chance to become blind sighted by fancy marketing!

2. Order your main meal from the appetizer's list. Go for a side salad or a healthy soup. This will absolutely fill you up, keep your bank balance and happy and leave you with enough room to split a good dessert.

3. If you see something on the menu that might be perfectly healthy, but then have it listed battered, ask them not to batter it. Most restaurants are quite happy to make certain adjustments to their menu in order that they can meet your dietary requirements. Asking for something without batter or with no sauce really is not such a big deal for a restaurant.


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