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Weight Loss Secret in Calorie Shifting Diet

August 15, 2009

Many people attempt to lose weight by cutting calories or starving themselves. Well, this is not effective and not healthy either. The key to lose weight is your metabolism. It is a known fact that by speed up your metabolism, you will be able to burn calories faster and lose weight quickly. To help you keeping your metabolism high enough to even shed a pound, you need to learn about calorie shifting diet.

Calorie shifting following a healthy weight loss diet can do wonders for your weight loss goals. Calorie shifting is the process of tricking your body and making your metabolism work faster in burn calories faster without the need for depriving yourself of food. You need to eat several meals a day, reaching a certain calorie level and then switching to another set of food with another calorie level the following day.

For example, on Monday you will eat 2,300 calories, Tuesday you will then raise it to 2,600 calories and then on Wednesday you drop it down to 2,100 calories again. Confuses your metabolism system and keep it running at a higher rate to adjust the different calorie intake each day.

Usually when people do diet, they will start to cut their calorie intake. What happens though is that your body goes into what is called "starvation mode" and begins the process of protecting itself. It then begins to hoard calories like crazy reaching out for that alternative food source which in actuality slows down your metabolism and inhibits your weight loss all together. Plus, when you are depriving yourself of food, not only is there temptation to cheat or fall off your diet, but it leaves you unsatisfied, moody and hungry all the time.

But with calorie shifting diet, you can follow a healthy weight loss diet and still enjoy your favorite foods, like chocolate. That's because on your lower calorie day, you forgot the chocolate, but on your higher calorie day, you are allowed to eat it. You will not be left hungry and feeling unsatisfied by following a calorie shifting type diet for weight loss.

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