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The Dangers of Crash Diet

August 5, 2009

“Any kind of diet that involves, some kind of fasting or living on a very small amount of food or drinking fluids only; in order to lose weight” is not recommended by the medical profession. Why? Because it dangerous, both to physical and mental health.

Let’s talk about the dangers of crash diet. Crash diet is a type of food/calorie deprivation often seen in people with an eating disorder, such as anorexia, although not restricted to these groups; they may be the precursor to such a disorder.

About the effect of crash diet, crash dieters, depend on the degree of calorie deprivation, are likely to suffer in hunger pains, increased susceptibility to infection, and feeling of hopelessness, depression, low energy and general malaise. There are some more serious health issues associated with crash dieting, including major organ failure; heart, liver and kidneys, are all at risk.

Quite often the weight loss during a crash diet is pretty rapid, initially. Dieters see this as a positive thing, giving the kind of instant gratification that we have all come to expect in the modern world. In reality, often muscle is lost, as well as fat, so that when a person returns to a normal pattern of eating, the dieter puts on a higher percentage of body fat than they had pre crash diet. I’m sure you know about "yo- yo" dieting and this is the start.

After the crash dieter lose weight, but when she/he return to normal eating, he/she will end up putting more fat on, and do crash diet again. This cycle continues and each time the diet is embarked upon, the result becomes worse as the body actually deteriorates physiologically. That is not the right way to lose weight.

If you are the person who want to lose weight quickly, crash diet is not the answer. Try to lose weight safely, even it take some time, you will be a person will stand a much better chance of maintaining their new weight.


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