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Fruit for Losing Weight Quickly

August 17, 2009

If you looking for the best source of nutrients, fruits is the answer. The best source of energy and vital minerals that our body need it. Eating fruits is better than consuming supplements that make up for the lack of nutrients.

And for the people who want to lose weight quickly, fruits also will help them. With the level of sodium, and also promote less water retention in your body. At least one third of fruits in your food plate can help you reducing weight. This is because fruits fill your stomach faster, and thus reduce your dependence on high calories food. In case you eat lot of fruits and vegetables, you can easily control the calories intake.

Adding fruit to your daily diet will help you in losing weight and keeping your body healthy. And here are few tips to include fruits in your diet:
• Eat apple before leaving for work
• Eat small pieces of fruits at least 30 minutes before or after a light workout.
• Look for recipes that contain fruits and fruit juices.
• Keep a bowl or fruits handy while watching TV.

And, you can see the benefits of eating fruits:
• Help you in Weight control
• Provide more energy for exercising
• Minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
• Reduce the risk of cancers
• Lower blood pressure and bloods sugar levels
• Lower Cholesterol levels in your body
• Reduce chances of developing type 2 diabetes
• Slow down ageing process


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