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Term in Losing Weight

August 21, 2009

losing weightIf you want to lose weight, at first, you need to know about terms in losing weight, such as Body Fat Percentage (BFP) and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). BFP is a proportion between the fat mass and total body. It is much more reliable than body mass index. However, BFP is not used as widely as BMI. It is very hard to measuring body fat accurately.

To measure body fat percentage, you could use two major methods. They are height-circumference method and skin-fold method. Both two methods are very complicated. The test should take at least 5 measurements to estimate body fat percentage.

You need to know that our body can't produce EFA by itself. We take EFAs from foods to improve the metabolic processes. If one's level of EFA is low, there are going to be something wrong with his body. There are too many evidences proved that. Lack of EFAs may lead to disease such as diabetes, arthritis and skin disorders. You should supply your diet with those foods rich in EFA. But, what are they? Yes, FAT!

But you need to indentify which kind of fat you should take. Bad fats include fried fats and hydrogenated fat. You can found these fats are easily in junk foods, that’s why I also told to my client to avoid junk food. And good fats such as olive oil are used to improve immune health and skin health. They will help you in losing weight. If you have enough EFAs taken in your daily diet, your nails will look better. It also help you to burn more calories.

If you are in the process in losing weight, you should know these terms. They let you easier to handle the healthy problems. Healthy and fit lifestyle is the ultimate goal of your plan.


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