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7 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

August 8, 2009

fastest ways to lose weightSo, what are the fastest ways to lose weight? I have made the conclusion about the fastest way to lose weight, look it below:

1. Drink water
2. Eat 5 times a day
3. Use weight
4. Use smaller plates in dark colors
5. Read between the lines
6. Keep a journal
7. Don’t punish yourself

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Well, the main idea is make your metabolism work faster, burn calories faster. You can see at the number two, eat 5 times a day (of course you can’t eat what you want and how much you want) will really make your metabolism work along day.

So, what are the fastest ways to lose weight? Well, have a high metabolism is the answer. How to get a high metabolism? Just do all the seven steps and you will have a high metabolism that will help you in losing weight quickly.


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