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Healthy Weight Loss without Diet?

August 10, 2009

healthy weight lossThe key to healthy weight loss is DON’T DIET. What does it mean? When we think about diet, actually we think about starving ourselves and barely eating. Remember, when you starving yourself, your body will protect itself by turning to survival mode and will slow down our metabolism, burning fewer calories. So, whatever calories you do take in, it will be stored instead of burned thereby causing weight gain instead of weight loss.

Now, if you want to lose weight with the healthy way, and of course without diet, you need follow these tips:

1. Eat your Breakfast
I will never boring to suggest you to eat your breakfast. Another key to healthy weight loss is to eat your breakfast. Having a healthy meal in the morning helps you jump-start your metabolism. The food you eat after you wake up will help you to burn fat all day long.

2. Eat small and healthy meals frequently
Instead of 3 big meals a day, 5 small healthy meals per day is more powerful in losing weight quickly. Eating your meals more frequently, and in small servings, can prevent overeating. Eating frequently also speed up your metabolism and burn calories faster. You'll also find that you're not as ravenously hungry when you split your meals into 5 small meals a day.

3. A realistic and healthy weight loss goal
You will be able to reach your goals if you make a commitment to reach it. And to have a commitment, you need to set realistic goals, impossible for you to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks so why even think about trying to do it. Be realistic! Make a decision that you want to eat healthy to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

4. Drink lots of water
Your body needs water to burn fat, flush out the impurities, and keep your cells hydrated and healthy. About 60% of our body is made up of water so water is an important factor in healthy weight loss. Try to get in 8-12 cups of water a day to keep hydrated, more if you lose a lot of water through exercise (i.e., sweating).

5. Monitor your fat intake for healthy weight loss
Fat is not the culprit to being overweight. You need some healthy fat to help keep your weight at the proper level. Plan to include healthy fats such as walnuts, almonds, olives, peanuts and canola oil. Tuna, salmon and mackerel have omega-3 fats which are good for the heart.

7. Move more often
Walk, instead of drive, if you are only going a few blocks from home. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go out and do something you enjoy like jogging, cycling or skating. Find ways to actively use your body to perform day-to-day activities or chores at home if you are too lazy to go to the gym or take exercise classes. The more you move, the easier it will be to achieve a healthy weight loss.


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