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9 Steps to a Healthy Weight Loss (part 1)

August 6, 2009

healthy weight lossHere are some tips for you that will help you to lose those unwanted pounds with the healthy way:

1. Think health
First at all, you need to set a positive goal. Secondly, doing the things to make yourself healthy is easier to sell to yourself and to others than "trying to lose weight". These are normal. Look, if you eat a second piece of pie, you have slowed down on your path to health, but you can get back on track within minutes simply by going for a walk or remembering to use sweetener in your drink rather than sugar.

2. Eat smart
Remember, the things that make you overweight are not how much what you eat! But what and how you eat. And it involves all sorts of convoluted decision making. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, also remember the protein, but not a ton, and stay away from stuff with sugar. Teach yourself to use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, and start looking at labels.

3. Drink water
Many times we interpret the body's signals as hunger when we are actually thirst. That’s why a glass of water will satisfy what we believe are hunger pangs. Keeping the body properly hydrated helps it process toxins and perform a myriad of functions more efficiently.

4. Eat smaller but more often
Eat small, healthy meals and snacks 5 times a day. One failure mechanism built in to a diet is the denial of food. It is not just the denial of pleasure of food and eating, but your body also react one way when food is denied, and another when it is regularly supplied daily with small healthy meals and snacks.

5. Move more often
The most effective weight loss strategies must include the exercise. But, many people have no idea about the best exercise for losing weight that they should do. Well, most of them don’t realize that the simple and enjoyable activities such as biking, gardening, swimming, or even follow the dancing class can be part of an exercise program.

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