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What is a Calorie Shifting Diet?

July 15, 2009

What is a Calorie Shifting Diet?

I’m sure you are looking more information about Calorie Shifting Diet, that’s why you are here. In this article, you will

calorie shifting diet

know more about calorie shifting diet.

Calorie Shifting is all about eating habits and food combinations that will speed up your metabolism, not only burn calories faster, but it also burn more of the calories you eat. Can it happen? That’s why, our eating habits play the important role. Our metabolism assumes our eating habits will be the same each day. If you apply the calorie shifting diet, your metabolism will never know what your calorie intake, tomorrow or the day after, so it burns calories based on your eating habits during the past few days.

By shifting the foods you eat, the frequency, and types of foods, your metabolism will start to burn calories based on this rotation. Then your metabolism will be instructed to burn calories more than it receives.

You should know that after eat your foods, your metabolism start to release 2 types of hormones. First is fat burning hormones (control the number of calories used up by your body) and the second, fat storing hormones (control the number of calories your body stores as fat).

If you want to lose weight, you need to two things. That is:
1. Make your body release more Fat Burning hormones. It will make your body to burn more calories.
2. Reduce the amount of Fat Storing hormones. Help you to reduce the number of calories stored in your body as fat.

Calorie Shifting Diet, rotating the food you eat and your meal frequency, will make your body to release the highest possible amount of Fat Burning hormones. And of course there is no starvation or eliminating any food types, this is the best part, you still can enjoy eating your favorite food.

Calorie Shifting Diet allows your body to burn more calories than your calorie intake, your metabolism will using up the fat deposits already stored, converting both to fuel for your daily activities. That’s why you will be able to lose weight easily, healthy, and of course, quickly!


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