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Healthy Snacks

July 2, 2009

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Sometime, diet can be difficult, and one of the obstacles is snack! Do chips, candies, cookies, crackers, ice cream, etc. Yah, I also know that these snacks are satisfying and tastiest. But you should know that it full of sugar and high calorie, that will make you become fatter.

However, if you snacking with properly, it can stabilize your blood sugars throughout the day, give you energy boost, and prevent you from overeating at each meal.

But the problem is the type of snack that get you in trouble. Well, you only need to choose thee right snack to eat (you don’t need to avoid your favorite snack, you still can have it).

You should choose the snacks that full of fiber, plenty of nutrients, and natural. And it should be fruits and vegetables! You can get many benefits from it, because they are natural and full of vitamins and minerals, and they can lower your blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and some form of cancers.

There are other healthy snack is the snack that full of protein, like nuts and seeds, soy foods such as tofu and soy milk. They contain high protein and have positive effect on your heart health.

Snack that contains carbohydrate is also the best choice, it will you help to improve digestion, stabilize blood sugar and maintain the energy levels.

Healthy Snack not only help you in losing weight but also have many healthy benefits, increase your energy level, and strengthen your immune system.


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