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Teenage Girls Diet – A Parent’s Guide

July 12, 2009

Overweight teenage girls have a risk to high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or Type 2 Diabetes, etc, as a parent you should help them. You can help them with teaching the healthier behaviors, the right eating habits, and the right physical activities to help them in lose weight.

Here the right steps to do to help your teenage girl in losing weight quickly:

1. Health
The important thing in a teen girls diet is her healthy. Don’t push them in do the crash diet! The other thing you can do is provide a snack with higher nutritional value, like fruits or vegetables.

2. Do the physical activities as family
This is a best ways to help your children do the exercise! So what kind of physical activities that you can do together, you can do it with walking or cycling that involve your family. Another good idea is recreation!

3. Right Behaviors
Show your right behaviors and your children will follow you. For example, you always ask your child to using the computer, but you always spending hours surfing the net. Well, how your children can follow you? Then if you want to your teenage girl doing the same thing with you (like eat the healthy snack or avoid junk food), you should begin with you (you should eat that healthy snack and avoid junk food), and your teenage girl will follow you.

When you can apply these steps, you should be able to help your teenage girl lose weight and lead a healthier life style.


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