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July 9, 2009

how to boost your metabolismBefore I give the ebook “How to Boost your Metabolism”, look at the fact below. Most people overweight because they don’t understand about the relation between their metabolism and the calories they eat. Calories are the fuel for our body. If we are not consume enough calories, our metabolism will slow down, our body systems will begin to malfunction. This is not good if you want to lose weight, because your metabolism will burn fewer calories while hoarding fat stores it has and converting any excess calories it can find back into fatty storage.

To make you more understand, I will make a simple illustration. Just imagine that now you work as manager in one company. And monthly, you have a saving. Then suddenly, because of crisis, you got the bot. After you don’t have job, the question is, will you use or spend your saving? No? Yes, this is exactly what happen to your metabolism.

Our body was designed to survive. If you consume fewer calories (skip or reduce your meals), your body begin to think that you are in danger of famine. Then your metabolism will only burn fewer calories, the fat burn process not work properly. That’s why crash diet will never work.

Now, if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to have a high metabolism. Burn calories faster, lose weight quickly! But not all people have a high metabolism, but don’t worry, if you have a slow metabolism, you only need to change it. To help you, I will give ebook “How to Boost your Metabolism”. Boost your metabolism and lose weight (as you know that every 3500 calories you burn, you will lose one pound).

Here the download link: How to Boost your Metabolism


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