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Low Fat is Not Solution for Lose Weight

July 28, 2009

Low fat are not the solution for losing weight. If you have tried the low fat diets, lower fat recipes, non-fat foods, etc I’m sure you are not getting the results you want from this weight loss plan. In this article I will show you why low fat don’t work.

Why low fat never work? The reason why low fat are not is because your body needs FAT! Yup, your body needs fat! Your metabolism needs fat in order to function correctly. But it's not any kind of fat. Your body needs the healthy fat, like olive oil, fish, almonds, nuts, and avocado.

And you can found bad fat in candy, chips, french fries (or anything fried for that matter), and fatty meats such as pork chops, etc. These fats are bad and dangerous for your body because they are the types of fat that gets stored in your body and are the beginning of many common diseases.

If you think low fat diet will help you in losing weight, you may be right, but it's not the best or most logical solution for losing weight. Exercise and balanced diets will beat low fat recipes all day long!

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should eat more! "Eat more, lose more!", of course can’t eat more of anything you want. You should eat more with the right foods, smaller portions, and eat it frequently. It is recommended to eat 5 times per day for maximum weight loss, but you cannot eat 5 large meals... Remember , should eat 5 smaller and balanced meals.


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