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2 Important things in Lose Belly Fat

July 24, 2009

I think that you've tried every technique or method in lose your belly fat, but it don’t work. I also sure you already see the thousands of ads that claim you can lose your belly fat overnight with their magic pill or supplement. Also the bogus infomercial gadgets out there claiming you can reduce your belly fat in a matter of days just by strapping some worthless "ab-belt" around your waist, or sizzle away the stomach fat by using their patented "ab-roller-rocker" do-hicky.

Forget all the scams and gimmicks and get right down to the reality behind what the right techniques and strategies that really helps you to lose your belly fat and keep it off!

1) The first important thing that you should know is how to structure your workouts.
In order to lose your fat from your stomach, you need to stop wasting your time with doing the wrong exercise. What it means?

I'm sure you've read any reputable fitness publications over the last decade that spot-reduction DOES NOT occur. Yup, it just a myth! The truth is, you can't lose your belly fat by doing exercises that target the stomach area.

Focusing on the best exercise for losing weightis the right thing to do, greatly speed up your metabolism during the workout, and for 24-48 hours after the exercise. In addition, this also increases your fat-burning hormones within your body.

2) The second important thing to lose your belly fat is your nutrition.
If you follow fad diets like low-carb, or low-fat, or the grapefruit diet, the soup diet, etc, you will actually lose lean muscle and slow down your metabolism. This only makes you fatter in the long run, when you start to eat normal again!

I could go into all kinds of details, but essentially you are messing up processes related to your hormonal balance in your body, the muscle glycogen process, insulin, blood sugar, etc., and this stops your fat loss dead in its tracks!

It's very important to stop falling for the fad diet gimmicks, and understand that we need to eat a balanced diet full of a diverse array of foods from healthy natural sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and FATs. This gives your body all of nutrients like the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that your body needs to active the fat-burn!


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