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How to Increase your Metabolism

September 1, 2009

increase your metabolismIf you try to lose weight, I only can tell you one thing that I believe until now. You are what you eat, not you are how much you eat. Get the point? If you can increase your metabolism, you not only lose weight, you also can keep it. And one half of the metabolism puzzle is the food you eat.

The right food to eat is the healthy foods that are full of nutrients your body needs to function at an optimal level. When you start to eat healthy foods that are full of the nutrients, your metabolism starts to increase. That may sound kind of simple but if embrace that thought you have taken the first step to successfully losing weight. So, the healthy foods are the key to exploiting the powers of your fat burning metabolic engine.

And you also need to understand how your body uses and stores its energy. As you know that you get the energy in the form of calories from the food you eat. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats all contribute to your caloric intake, but not all calories are created equal and how your body processes these different foods has a large impact on your metabolism.

If you want to increase your metabolism then you need to stay away from the high fat, high sugar, processed foods you find in boxes up and down most supermarket shelves today. The healthy food that can increase your metabolism is the foods that high in complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and fiber. It takes large amounts of energy to breakdown these types of foods because of their high nutritional value. The result is more calories burned during digestion and cellular metabolism.

These foods (food that increase metabolism) also benefit you in another way. The release of calories from these foods happens over an extended period of time. The result is less insulin released by the pancreas and an even supply of energy between meals. This helps you cut out snacking caused by sugar cravings during the day.

Fruits and vegetable, fiber from whole grain sources, and lean sources of protein are the healthy foods to eat if you want to increase your metabolism.


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