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Best Exercise for Losing Weight

September 15, 2009

best exercise for losing weightLooking for the best exercise for losing weight? Raise your heart and breath rate for a time at least three times a week is the best exercise for losing weight and there are many ways to do that. Any activity will burn calories, though, so don't feel you have to start heavy workouts to get some benefit. You just have to find out which activities are best for you. And here the few of them:

- Walking is my recommendation. Walking is better than running or jogging. Because it's easier on the body, and delivers about the same benefits for the same distance traveled. It's also more enjoyable for many of us. Walking also can be done in large malls when the weather is bad outside.
* Parking the car far away from every place you visit can mean a lot of extra walking. Once you do it enough, it will become an almost unconscious habit.
* Walking with your dog can be great exercise for you and the dog. It's also a good way to meet new people.
- Climbing up and down stairs is a very aerobic exercise. It’s help you to burn calories as many as jogging. In the right place, it can be more private too.
- Swimming is easy on the joints. Swimming in cool water also means your body burns calories heating itself.
- Stationary bicycles are tough to use regularly because of the boredom factor. If you only allow yourself to watch your favorite television show while pedaling, however, you may feel more motivated.
- Getting a job that requires physical activity can be a way to guarantee you'll get enough exercise. Just be sure it's something you can handle and enjoy.
- Gardening helps a lot of people burn calories while doing something enjoyable. It also can produce the healthy foods that help with weight loss.

The most important thing to remember is do things you enjoy doing, which also involve moving your body. You're more likely to persevere in your efforts if you enjoy yourself. Because the best exercise for losing weight is the one you'll actually do.


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