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3 Weight Loss Solutions

September 17, 2009

Every problem has a solution. Same thing with weight loss. So, check the solution for each problem:

1. Getting most of our pleasure in life through the food we eat
Have ten minutes of quiet time everyday reading your favorite book or magazine, spend a few minutes with a friend on the phone, or begin a new hobby that is fun. It doesn’t take a lot of time; just find other ways to load up on pleasure so that you don’t have to load up on food.

2. Lack of self-discipline in exercise
To establish long-term self-discipline you must focus on the joy of the reward you will get at the end of the road, not the challenge of the journey. So make a list of the top ten rewards you will gain when you lose weight. You must also ask yourself what it costs you to be overweight. Does it cost you your self-respect? Your joy and aliveness in life? Has it cost you a relationship or a job? Remembering the rewards and the cost makes practicing self-discipline a lot easier.

3. Lack of self-motivation in the areas of health and fitness
Stay motivated is important aspect in order to lose weight. To stay motivated, you can start to write down the reasons you want to lose weight and keep it off. Don’t forget to make a list of the people who motivate you to want to lose weight and why. Review these lists, along with the ones you created above, in the morning and in the evening. Your motivation is ever evolving so what motivated you last week might not be motivating next week. So revise your lists regularly.

When you overcome these problems you will lose weight because over time, you will find other ways to get pleasure in your life, you will practice positive self-discipline, and you will reinvent the motivation everyday to keep it all going.


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