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How to Lose Weight Quickly

September 8, 2009

how to lose weight quicklyAll dietitians have many ideas about how they can help you to lose weight quickly. But, most would agree that slow steady weight loss over a healthy period of time is most effective in keeping the weight off. And long term weight loss requires a change in life style, quick weight loss may be good for an event or a special dress, but, it is not sustainable unless a variety of factors change as well.

If you want to know how to lose weight quickly, then you need to become a conscious eater. Eat with grace and reverence for your food. Write down everything you eat, count the calories and become very consciously aware of what you are eating and drinking!

Also increase moderate exercise and decrease the amount of stress in your life or take a break from it. Here the simple tips for you:
- Voice nap, rest your voice for several hours (keep a pad of paper and a pencil nearby for emergency chatting)
- Meditation, hmm… I love this one. Learn to sit in stillness, remember meditation builds the muscle of concentration.
- A silent retreat, no one to talk to but yourself and the added bonus that the food is usually simple, brown and whole with few or limited stimulants.

Many some of you confuse, how these things can help us in lose weight quickly? Well, we gain weight for a variety of reasons, excluding hormonal imbalances, generally there are some psycho/emotional issues that we are trying to fill up or avoid. Spending time in silence can help us to become aware of what feelings we are suppressing or avoiding.


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