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Myths and Fact of diets

September 7, 2009

Almost every day we read or hear about new dieting systems or programs that will make us lose weight in a short time. But, diet of this type, there are some myths in this regard it is important to avoid.

Myth: By following a strict diet low in calories you can lose 3 pounds of fat in a week.
Fact: It is physiologically impossible to burn more than 3 pounds of fat in just one week. Weight loss is so consistent and subdivided into approximately 1 pound of fat, a good amount of water and, most worryingly, loss of muscle tissue and bone. The loss of muscle mass is indeed a serious problem because muscles burn calories all day even when you rest. A reduction in muscle causes a decrease in the number of calories the body uses every day.

When you lose minerals from bone, with the progress of age, may increase the risk of osteoporosis. What is the conclusion? The diets are bad for your health: do not follow it.

Myth: Foods like chili and ginger and drinks like coffee and cola burn calories faster by increase your metabolism
Fact: These foods enhance the metabolism to a very small, certainly not sufficiently to allow you to sit and burn your weight. Some people claim that the caffeine in one cup of coffee or tea can improve attention during exercise and also welcome the results.

Myth: Exercise is always losing weight.
Fact: Unless you undertake the training of the blue for a triathlon, occasionally attend the gym will not lead to a sudden and miraculous weight loss. First, exercise increases muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. On the other hand, the muscle tissue takes up less space, so you might begin to notice that your clothes there are wider. To lose from 500 grams to 1 pound of body fat per week should increase the daily physical activity and begin to eat less.


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