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Can You Have Both Fast Weight Loss and Permanent Weight Loss?

September 21, 2009

If you can choose one, which one you choose – fast weight loss or weight loss forever? If you think about a healthier future, you will choose weight loss forever. If you want to look great this summer, you will choose fast weight loss. But, most of us to scream out a very loud... both please! Yes, we don't want to have to choose, we want both options!

The fact is diets that produce fast weight loss will not be sustainable in the longer term. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. For the example, the X diet program will help you lose weight quickly. Before you know it there's 10 pounds less of you. In many cases if you stop doing what you have been doing and change back to the way things were beforehand, you run the risk of no further weight reduction, or even gaining a few pounds back on. Equally if you continue with the same short-term diet, you are likely to see rapidly declining results.

Either way, you are unlikely to be very happy with the subsequent changes that take place after you have lost your initial 10 pounds.

So, can you have both? Well, it is not easy to achieve both. But, according to many researchers you can have both! If you change your weight reduction program from the short-term focus to a medium term more sustainable program, once your initial goals have been met, it means one person, two different diet programs.

The recommendation I read about is to put in place three distinctly different weight loss diets... one for the immediate or rapid results, one for the continued healthy and natural weight loss over the medium term... and one for the longer term more sustainable results with a life-changing combination of healthy diet and exercise.

Then, you can see short-term benefits on the scales, medium-term change as well and long-term change. That's got to be good for us! So, sort out your immediate goals and get a program that will deliver on those. Then find one that will help with the medium term and finally add the longer-term plan as well. It will all add up to your success.


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