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How to Calorie Shift

September 16, 2009

In this article, I'll explain how to lose weight fast using calorie shifting diet. Calorie shifting diet works by shifting your daily calorie intake and keeps your metabolism high so you'll lose weight fast.

The most important part of the calorie shifting diet is you need to eat 5 small meals a day. These meals should contain different calorie values. And the most important thing is you need drinking a lot of water. Drinking much water during calorie shifting diet will help you boost the fat burning process because the water will flush out toxins and keep your metabolism high. The combination of eating many small meals a day with eat varying amounts of calories, combined with drinking enough water is the main idea behind how to calorie shift.

If you have a slow your metabolism, it inhibits your weight loss progress. And the calorie shifting diet is designed to prevent all of this. Calorie shifting diet is all about "confusing" your body. On this plan you eat different value of calories every day. For the example, today you'll consume 2,000 calories, tomorrow you'll increase to 2,300 and then on the day after tomorrow you'll drop to 2,000 calories. Calorie shifting is a method in which you constantly change your calorie intake thereby tricking your metabolism so it remains running high and burning a lot of calories.

If you have a high metabolism, you don't have to avoid any food groups or your favorite foods. Because your metabolism is high all through the day, you don't gain all the weight back the moment you stop being on a diet.


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