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5 Forbidden Foods You need to Avoid

September 20, 2009

Make a healthy lifestyle and you will be able to lose weight. If you want to enjoy your healthy lifestyle, you should eat as many healthy fresh foods as possible. And here are 5 forbidden foods that you need to avoid, you should definitively stop eating these foods if you value your health:

1. White flour products
Form white flour your body doesn't get any good nutrients. It is true that they taste good because of all the carbs they contain but they are unhealthy.

2. Doughnuts
Besides containing white flour they also contain lots of sugar and oil. Being deep fired in an oil that is reused for hundreds of times there is no wonder why they are found on this unhealthy food list. I like them but I don't eat them. You should do the same.

3. Margarine
If eaten frequently margarine can create all sorts of cardiovascular diseases. You should stay away from this synthetic food.

4. Junk food
Crispy strips or chicken nuggets are tasty, seem nonfattening and healthy. The truth is that they are super fattening, they are deep fired, and super unhealthy. Besides who knows how old they are and how many hydrogenated oils they contain.

5. Colorful juices
How can you think that a blue drink can be healthy? You can buy drinks having all the colors of the rainbow, from green, blue to purple and brown. It’s impossible that those drinks are health. Read their label and see if you understand half the words written on it


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