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The Right Diet

March 31, 2009

The Topic about slim body, diet program or weight loss always became hot topic. Why? Yah, there are a people said that fat is not beautiful, especially for the girls and single one. And other people said that fat is difficult to find the right shirt. And for me, if too fat, is cholesterol... Eits, don’t have the wrong perception about this, because slim person also have high cholesterol. So don’t have assumption that only fat people have the high cholesterol.
If you want to diet, see the rule of the right diet. Because when you have the wrong image about diet, you will not care about your healthy again. That’s really wrong image. If you have that, it maybe can make you sick because of not enough nutrients.
Decrease you eat portion with slowly, because your stomach need an adaption. Don’t try to decrease your portion with large scale.
Eat before you hungry, because your brain can control assumption of the food you eat. So don’t make your stomach hungry, because it only made you eat more than you should.
Diet with eat vegetables and fruit is good and help you to decrease your weight fastest, but sometime we need fat, like eat salmon and tuna because fat also help you to figure your body metabolism.
Eat with normally in afternoon, because you need more energy in afternoon than the night.
Eat the fruits with fiber that don’t have many sugar or not too sweet, like an apple, strawberry, banana, orange, etc.


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