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18 Diet Tips

March 31, 2009

Slim and beautiful is a dream of all women. This is the tips for you that want your diet program become better and healthy:
1. Eat sufficiently and settle the calorie with wise.
2. Eat the fruit in a small cut for avoid the snack.
3. If you are include the people who like to eat bread, eat the wholegain one.
4. Avoid the meal that have fat more than 10%.
5. Find your friend or partner for diet together. This method will make both of you keep motivating.
6. Drink the mineral water.
7. Watch what the slim woman was eat, find out what are their secret.
8. Use stick chop to slow your eat timing.
9. Go green! Prefer the green vegetable and green tea, it will help to give the contribution to your body.
10. Prefer the stairs than the lift.
11. Count your budget for your snack. Allocation it for another things.
12. Decrease your salt consumption.
13. Add the chili in your food for in increase your metabolism.
14. Add ice in your drink. Because your body need the energy for adaption with your body temperature. And it will burn your fat.
15. When you read the good article that suitable for you. Cut and patch it in your freezer
16. Patch the picture that motivated you in your freezer.
17. Write all the food that you eat in these two weeks and you will be surprised.
18. Bring the water everywhere you go. This will help you from dehydration and not consumption the soda.


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